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cafeso logo


technology lighting logo

Technology Lighting Limited

xalwo axmed xaaji

Xalwo Axmed Xaaji

degler logo


deeqsan style

Deegsan Styles

maqsuud marketing group

Maqsuud Digital Marketing Group

harfi logo

Hafri Tech

diamond diagnostic and training center logo

Diamond Diagnostics & Training Center

somali recource center

Somali Resource Center

warsame logo

Warsame Medical Center

xafiis kaab

Xafiis Kaab

crown carrier logo

Crown Carrier LLC

abcaad logo

Abcaad Limited

ahran global logo

Ahran Global

rsite logo

Rsite Online

gaadhsiye logo

Gaadhsiye Online

nbr logo

NBR Beauty Products



abas express logo

Abbas Express

sidrah logo

Sidrah General Service

agab interprise

NBR Beauty Products

horyaal sports club

Horyaal Sports Club

mizan minimarket

Mizan Minimarket

safi interior

Safi Interrior

shukri foundation

Shukri Relief Fondation

upskills training & consalting

Upskills Training & Consultance


Friensco Limited

dumar iyo caruur logo

Dumar & Caruur Online Shopping

bin sharif

Binsharif General Trading

syndicate rearch center logo

Syndicate Research Center

som vision logo

Some Vision Eye Care

lemon pharmacy

Lemon Pharmacy

tayo pramary school

Tayo Primary & Secondary School


Ghedi Family Fondation

dhool trading constraction

Dhool Trading & Constraction

somtics technology logo


nucleus institute

Nucleus Institute

lemon logo

Lemon Enterprice LTD

tartan group

Tartan Group

maan sugan

Maan Sugan

ruqyah care

Ruqyah Care

kulan investment

Kulan Investments


Kobciye Binay Academy

gobsan media


Gobsan Media

isha foundation

Isha Foundation

banadir andrology

Banadir Anology Diagnostic Center

irmaan trainin and rearch

Irmaan For Training & Research Center

federation of somali journalist

Federation of Somali Journalis FESOJ


Institute for Medical Research

india ocean

Indian Ocean Service Supply & Construction Co.

bilal idle

Binsharif General Trading


Elsar Media

hydrosom engineering

Hydrosom Engineering & General Consultancy

dalvest holding

Daable Doctor


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